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Legal Wellness

Do I need a Legal Wellness Checkup?

  • I have bills piling up. 
  • I need to know my rights with my landlord.
  • I have questions about child custody or child support.
  • I want to know how lawyers can help me and my family.
  • I want to protect my legal rights. 


A program of Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services
Made possible by an American Bar Endowment Grant

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How to take the Legal Wellness Checkup:

  • Answer a few easy questions about your life.
  • Get free information on your rights and legal issues.
  • Use your report to get help or ask a free lawyer questions.
  • Know where to get answers to your questions.

Legal Wellness Checkup

About the Legal Wellness Checkup:

The Legal Wellness Checkup is not legal advice but can help you learn your rights and figure out how to get legal help when you need it. It is free to take the Legal Wellness Checkup. The Legal Wellness Checkup is made for people who live in Tennessee. Your personal identifying information will not be shared with anyone by the Legal Wellness Checkup.